Health 1 Mental Health Research Projects

From Mrs. Blomquist's Assignment Sheet:



Scoring Rubric

25 points Computer Lab - used appropriately

25 points Presentation - organized, not read, both partners were equally involved

50 points Powerpoint - organized, creative and EDUCATIONAL, must include definition/description, complete history, treatment, real people who might have or had this condition, show an example (video, picture, etc) and any related fields  

From Ms. Hull's Assignment Sheet:

Slide presentation must include:

A. Introduction slide with group members and topic title

B. 12-15 information slides (sound, color, statistics, pictures, video, definitions, information, history, facts, research, treatments, medications, therapy, other...)

C. Works Cited slide

Your presentation must be 5-10 minutes to the class!

Suggested Database

Salem Health Database

Access this database through the BWHS Library.  It provides articles on every topic and it has an easy citation function for each article.

Suggested Websites

Mayo Clinic

This website has comprehensive pages on your topics.  Just remember, you have to build your own citation if you use this source.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services--Mental Health

This website also contains comprehensive pages on your topics.  You must build your own citation if you use this source.

Citation Machine

This website will help you BUILD your citations!