Sports Medicine Research Project Resources

Print Sources

K-12 Library Catalog

You have enough lead time on this project to order books from other schools in the district.  While a print source is not required for this assignment, it's good to have a variety of different types of sources and there might be a book all about your topic if you take a look in the catalog.  

Additionally, we have back issues of Health and Sports Illustrated in the Library that might have good print articles for you.  If you need help, ask the Librarians. 



Remember, we like the databases because they provide RELEVANT, RELIABLE, and CITED articles.  Ebsco is a big database.  You will have to drill down your searches past the first set of returns by limiting by subject and article type.  Using quotations around your search terms ("muscle activation" instead of muscle activation) will tell Ebsco to search for those words in that order.  Otherwise it just searches for the words 'muscle' and 'activation' separately and in no particular order.  

If you need help taming Ebsco, ask the Librarians.

Consumer Health Complete

This is a little bit easier to handle than Ebsco.  It also may not return as many usable results as Ebsco.  Take a look at it.  Use quotations around your search terms.  When you go to cite articles from CHC, you have to pretend like you're going to print them in order to get the citation.  Ask for help from the Librarians if you get stuck!

Infobase eBooks

This is a more limited database and focuses mostly on nutrition.  So if you're researching eating disorders in athletes, for example, this might be a good resource for you.

Points of View

This database has some great information, particularly if there is any controversy surrounding your topic.  For example, if you're researching concussions in sports, you will hit a goldmine in this database.