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Research Databases

General Information

More than twenty online resources covering current events, literature, history, health, environment, education, psychology, business, and other subjects. 
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This database provides students with content spanning important advances in biology, chemistry, environmental science, space, physics and technology.
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Patient education covering all areas of health and wellness.
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Articles from multiple sources on people's lives.
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Social Issues and Debate Topics

Essays, news articles, and other documents presenting multiple sides of current issues.
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Issues and Controversies

Offers an objective analysis of hundred's of today's hot topics and conflicts by presenting the key facts, arguments, history, and current context of today's most important issues

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Full Text Online Reference Books

Full Text online reference books on a variety of research topics.
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Decades, Great Lives from History, Great Events from History, Weapons & Warfare

Critical Insights: Authors, Critical Insights: Works

Environmental Issues, Forensic Science, Global Resources

Magill's Medical Guide, Genetics & Inherited Conditions, Psychology & Mental Health

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Free Resources:

This free resource, created by College Board, offers information on finding a college, financing one's education, and exploring careers. (SLJ October 2018)

Artstor provides access to more than one million images in public collections. This content can be searched and downloaded for free, with a zoom feature allowing careful examination of works. (SLJ October 2018)

Homework and Term Paper Help

Make quick work of citations for your bibliographies.

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